Drive4 Fun Easy Toll

Drive4Fun Easy Toll

Because at Drive4Fun our main concern is to provide the best possible service to our customer, we have equipped all our cars with electronic toll transponders for all toll roads across Portugal.

Electronic toll roads are not equipped with payment solutions on sight, meaning when used, it´s payment can be stressful. This electronic transponder is a solution for all customers that wish to use portuguese toll roads, avoiding fines, administration fees or Post Office congestions for payment.

The electronic toll transponder does not need to be pre-booked as all our cars are equipped with one.

Please note that although all our cars are now equipped with the electronic toll transponder, the usage/payment of any motorway road is not mandatory.

Regardless the intention of using toll roads or not, all customers will be asked to pay the rental of the toll transponder hire when renting the car; the hire of the transponder has a daily cost of 1.85 euros (VAT included) with a maximum of 18.50 euros (VAT included) per rental. This value is for the hire of the toll transponder and does not include any toll usage. This payment must be paid by credit card.

The number of hire days for the toll transponder is determined by the number of days of car hire and not by number of times used.

After 14 days of returning your car, full toll usage can be checked and charged to your credit card; we will only charge the exact amount used.

In case no toll roads were used during your hire and only if no toll roads were used, 14 days after car return we will process a full refund of the initial payment paid for the transponder hire. In case of any tolls used, despite the value, there will be no place for a refund of the toll transponder hire.

Should you have any doubts or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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