Due to Covid-19 pandemic, all companies around the world had to make some changes on how they operate. Drive4Fun is not an exception.

We have been re-organizing our car delivery and collection process (having a special attention to the delivery process), as well as forming our staff to have a specific approach to this completely new reality.

We can assure that with the measures and very specific cleaning products we are now using, when car reaches our customers it will be 100% disinfected.

Masks, disposable gloves, disinfectant for car interior, disinfectant for our work station, are just some of the products we have invested in to guarantee the above.

An internal “Covid-19 Procedure manual” has been produced and also approved by Healthy Authorities, which guarantees maximum safety to our staff members and customers.

1 – Our work station is entirely disinfected twice a day with a specific product against Covid-19.

2 – Once our vehicles are taken to the airport to be delivered, last staff member touching it, will disinfect all the interior, having a special attention the parts that are most commonly touched, such as seat, steering wheel, hand brake, gear handle, indicator lever, radio panel, door handle, electric window bottoms, inside mirror, etc… We want to make sure that next person touching the car after being disinfected will our customer.

3 – Car key will also be disinfected and placed inside a proper/closed plastic bag, making sure the next person touching it will be our customer.

4 – On arrival, when meeting us at the rent-a-car desk, customers will be offered hand sanitizer gel so that they can use.

5 – All items that customers touch, such as credit card machine, desk, pen, etc…, will be disinfected every time and per customer.

We hope all the above together with many more safety measures being implemented internally towards our staff, will give you the safety and trust you need right now.

See You Soon.

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